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Nimi: Rocco

04.10.2012 17:14
Hi. Found this from a google search. I own a 06-07 By The Letter card of Joni Pitkanen (letter T 3/8) and I see it is on your want list. If you are interested send me an email and maybe we can work something out through ebay.

Nimi: justis

23.04.2012 15:50
Jeff: I've scanned all my Chara cards to my photobucket. My id is Chara33. I also have new website

Here's link to the card you asked for. niniCertifiedFabricoftheGameTEAMDieCutPrime.jpg

Nimi: ♥ Sofia 23 ♥

19.04.2012 18:41
♥Ilmainen chat finnland chatroom ♥ Iphone

Nimi: Jeff

11.03.2012 07:48
Do you have a picture of your 2010-11 certified fabric of the game team die cut prime Zdeno Chara card that I can see?

Nimi: Pinuski

04.02.2010 01:39

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